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In Memoriam

Ron Cauble

1940 - 2014

We are saddened to hear the news of the passing of Ron Cauble on July 19th, 2014.

From our friends at The Bone Room:

"This newsletter comes to you all with heavy hearts from The Bone Room. On the evening of Saturday July 19th, Ron Cauble unexpectedly passed away. Though we ache for the loss of such a brilliant, vivacious and caring person, it is some comfort to know that he went peacefully.

Ron was a lover of natural history and scientific discovery, an admirer of vibrant tattoos, a fierce defender of being true to yourself, a teacher of both academic and moral lessons, and a fantastic storyteller who could keep you engaged for hours. He was a scientist and a businessman, and his life followed the rare arc of someone who danced to his own music: in his twenties, with his PhD in chemistry from the University of Washington, he worked with "Von Braun and the boys" developing rocket propellants. In his thirties, moving out west and founding the East Bay Vivarium in 1970, he established his unique and irrepressible presence in our community; with the introduction of The Bone Room over twenty five years ago, people from literally around the world came to enjoy his captivating collection of natural history items, his enthusiasm, and the generous way he had of sharing his encyclopedic knowledge.

He had a gift for turning customers into lifelong friends, and it is with great sympathy that we share the sad news of his death with all of you.

Ron Cauble left us too soon; his seventy-four years simply weren't enough, despite how fully he lived them. His plans for himself and for The Bone Room stretched years into the future; his death is a reminder that life simply doesn't give us warnings. Ron knew that better than anyone. What gave him joy throughout his life was studying the beauty and mechanics of both life and death, from the atoms and chemicals that compose the universe to the metaphysical complexities of the human condition. But philosophy and science and the wonder of the natural world cannot console those of us who will most feel the loss of his intelligence, charisma, and exuberance."

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The Vivarium

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Turtle Week 2014

Thanks to everyone who particapated in Zoo Med and Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group's 2014 Turtle Week celebration!

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