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In this time of Thanksgiving, we wish to express our thanks to you, our valued customers, colleagues, and friends for your patronage and support over the years. Working with and for you has been an amazing experience and we appreciate your high standards, enthusiasm, and dedication to the hobby and the animals under your care.

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with all good things.


As we sit down to give thanks and enjoy our holiday feast, let’s not forget our ectothermic friends. After all, they are there for us day in and day out (being cute and providing us with a constant listening ear or a tiny shoulder to cry on). As they watch hungrily from their habitats, don’t you wish they could partake in your delicious meal? Here are some ideas for seasonal treats you can share with your pets. While you’re cooking up your Thanksgiving feast, just set aside a few bites of these fresh veggies and fruits and create your own delicious “stuffing” just for your pet.


The Vivarium

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Zoo Med's 18" x 18" x 36"
Skyscraper Terrarium!

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ReptiBreeze® LED Deluxe
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Cavern Kit
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