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Second Hatching in Turtle Nirvana!

We knew it would happen some day!

Last week, three newly hatched Three-Toe Box Turtles were found emerging from the nest proving once again, that the Greenhouse really is a Turtle Nirvana.

The eggs were probably laid 6-8 weeks ago. The nest was well concealed in the lawn in the pen where keepers don’t regularly search for eggs. When the nest was discovered with three, robust, healthy hatchlings, keepers were ecstatic!

The next morning, a more thorough examination of the pen was done and another clutch of three eggs was found. Two of the babies had already hatched and the third was still hatching. All six of the new hatchlings have been brought inside and are doing well.

Last year, the Zoo Med Animal Care team was surprised to find that five baby Pink Bellied Side Neck turtles had hatched in their parents’ enclosure and were swimming around in the tub.

Who knows what babies we will find hatching “out of the ground” next!

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