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The Fire Belly Toad is actually a frog and makes an easy-to-care for pet. These beautiful amphibians are found in the highlands and rice patties of China, Korea, and Southern Russia. Their small size, easy care, and interesting behaviors make them a great first pet. The bright red belly of these frogs is a warning to all predators that they are mildly toxic. Although not particularly dangerous to humans, handling should be kept to a minimum and you must wash your hands thoroughly after contact.
  • Common Name: Fire Belly Toad
  • Scientific Name: Bombina orientalis
  • Distribution: China, Korea, Southern Russia
  • Size: 1-2"
  • Life Span: 7-15 years
  • Fire Belly Toads will do best in a semi-aquatic terrarium. Terrariums with half land and half water provide the perfect environment for Fire Belly Toads.
  • 2 or 3 Fire Belly Toads will do well in a 10 or 15 gallon terrarium. Larger groups will need a 20 gallon or larger terrarium.
  • Zoo Med's ReptiHabitat™ or Naturalistic Terrariums are ideal for setting up the proper habitat.
  • A Waterfall Kit™ is a great addition to a Fire Belly Toad terrarium because it will help keep water from becoming stagnant and will add a naturalistic look to your pet's home.
  • Zoo Med's Black Silicone Rubber will allow you to build custom terrarium features with a water element that will suit all your frog's needs.
  • Daytime Terrarium Temperature 70-75°F
  • Nighttime Terrarium Temperature 60-68°F
  • No Basking Site is needed.
  • Fire Belly Toads are cold tolerant amphibians, and will do best with little to no supplemental heat in most homes.
  • A quality Zoo Med Thermometer will enable you to monitor your terrarium temperatures.
  • Like most amphibians, Fire Belly Toads do not require special UVB lighting, however proper light cycles will encourage normal daytime behavior.
  • Fire Belly Toads do well with a day and night light cycle (photoperiod). This can be accomplished by using Zoo Med's NatureSun® linear fluorescent lamp.
  • Eco Earth® is the preferred substrate for most amphibian species. We recommend keeping a deep layer of 2" or more to allow your frog to burrow completely under the substrate.
  • We recommend using ReptiSand™ as a substrate in the water element of your terrarium.
  • Avoid using large gravel in your terrarium. Fire Belly Toads can be aggressive feeders and will experience impaction if they were to swallow gravel.
  • Zoo Med's Terrarium Moss, Frog Moss, and New Zealand Sphagnum Moss are excellent choices to retain humidity in your terrarium.
  • Fire Belly Toads are insectivorous and will need to be offered a variety of insects to stay healthy.
  • Fire Belly Toads should be fed small crickets or mealworms dusted with ReptiCalcium® and ReptiVite™ as directed.
  • Feed as many insects as your Fire Belly Toad can eat in 15 minutes.
  • Always offer a variety of feeder insects. Small guppies can be offered occasionally.
  • Clean, fresh water is critical to keeping all amphibians healthy. We recommend using ReptiSafe® Water Conditioner to treat all water that is added to your terrarium.
  • Zoo Med's Repti-Fogger™, Habba Mist® or Motomister™ can be used to add humidity to the enclosure.
  • Water areas of amphibian enclosures need to be filtered and frequent water changes are recommended. Zoo Med's 318 Submersible Filter is the perfect choice for small water sections of terrariums.
  • Larger water areas can be filtered with Zoo Med's 501 Canister Filter.
  • Spray terrarium daily.
WK-10 Waterfall Kit NT-3 Naturalistic Terrarium TA-1 Black Silicone Rubber TH-24 Digital Terraruim Thermometer TH-22 Dual Analog Reptile Thermometer and Humitdy Gauge LF-60 Reptisun Terrarium Hood ES-36 Naturesun Fluorescent Bulb EE-10 Eco Earth CF2-M Terrarium Moss CF3-FM Frog Moss CF3-NZ New Zealand Spagnm Moss EE-8 Eco Earth SW-10 Repti Sand White ZM-47 Can O Mealies ZM-41 Can O Crickets ZM-146 Can O SuperWorms TA-21 Steel Tongs A33-8 Rept Calcium without D3 A36-8 ReptiVite without D3 HM-20 Moto Mister LD-1 Litl Dripper TC-30 501 Filter HM-10 Habba Mist WC-8 ReptiSafe RF-10 ReptiFogger TC-20 Turtle Clean 318 TH-22 Dual Analog Reptile Thermometer and Humidty Gauge
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