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Super-Powered Contest Winners

Our latest contest asked your pets to shed the skin of their mild-mannered, secret identities and show off their hidden SUPER POWER! We were overwhelmed by the response! Who knew that so many Super animals were out there! With so many Super pets though, there were only a few that we could choose to be in our own fantasy Justice League. You guys all gave a Heroic effort, and it paid off! You and your pets will receive a prize package of SUPER Zoo Med Products! Winners will be notified shortly. Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay Tuned for our next contest!

First Place - $200 Prize

"Sassy is Potty Trained"

Robin says: "Sassy walks from her shelf to the bathroom when i lift her up and she goes poo on the potty. :D Such a smart girl. When I am not home to lift her up she goes in a water tray beside the toilet. Going to make a small set of stairs and try to teach her how to use them. :D"

Second Place - $100 Prize

"Highwire Sleeper"

Gina says: "Pookie loved to sleep dangled from a wire and made it look comfortable."

Third Place - $50 Prize

"The Super Creeper"

Liam says: "My Lizard's super power is spying on people and creeping them out."

Honorable Mentions - Zoo Med T-Shirt!

"A Good Egg"

Danny says: "Tuck the Tortoise hides among the Easter Eggs."

"Super Tortoise Power"

Saranna says: "Here is Whiskey and Dozer...Dozer's super power is the ability to transform into other animals in order to be accepted."

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