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1295 Kennedy Road
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Phone: (416) 757-3281


Store Hours:
Monday - Friday10:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday - Sunday10:00am - 6:00pm

Big Al's Aquarium Services Supercentres is located in the Kennedy Corridor Shopping area of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. It is easily accessible by car via Highway 401 or by TTC Public transportation, and has been proudly servicing Scarborough clients since the late 1980s. While Aquatics have always been Big Al's specialty, in 2002 the expanded to include Reptiles. The store has also expanded into a full-line pet store to cater to every pet lover's needs.

Owners Allan and Tally Saul have transformed this location into not only a wonderful retail store, but a full-family experience. Big Al's has always been a passionate fish hobbyist and an entrepreneur. "I grew up in Toronto, and at an early age I developed a penchant for keeping and breeding tropical fish. Before I was 20, I opened up my first pet store in the city's Yonge and Steeles Area. Soon after, I expanded the operation from 1,000 to 1,600 square feet and converted it to a fish-only outfit and Big Al's Aquarium Service Warehouse was born".

The reptile department continues to expand and cater to reptile beginners and expert hobbyists alike. Reptile specialist Alex C. is well liked and known by his loyal customers. Alex has been keeping and breeding reptiles for over 10 years. He has always had special interest in Ball Pythons, Leaftail Geckos, and most recently Sailfin Lizards.

Big Al's Aquarium Supercentre always carries a full selection of reptile feeders, both live and frozen. This includes specific feeders like ASF rats (aka Natal rats). Live plants are also available for both Tropical and Desert Terrarium setups. There is a wide variety of dry goods that caters to every reptile hobbyists; from beginner to expert alike. Clients can find a huge selection of Zoo Med products in the store including all newly released products and Custom Display tanks featuring Zoo Med's Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate. There is a great selection of live animals including Amphibians, Turtles, Tortoises, Monitors, Snakes, and Lizards available for purchase at the store. Display tanks are throughout the reptile department with beautiful species like Sailfin Lizards, Caiman Lizards, Tree Monitors, and Arboreal Geckos. Special orders are available at this store for livestock, feeders, and dry goods to satisfy every reptile keeper's needs. After visiting the Reptile department at Big Al's Aquarium Services Supercentres, make sure to check out the wonderful world of fish downstairs and the rest of this incredible store.

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