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Fin and Feather Pet Center, Inc.

5208 Lakeside Ave
Richmond, VA 23228
Phone: (804) 262-6681
Store Hours:
Monday - Friday10:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday12:00am - 5:00pm

Fin and Feather first opened its doors in Richmond, VA back in 1959. Current co-owner Melvin Major started working at Fin and Feather in January of 1963 at the age of 15, for the simple reason that “it was the closest place to home that I could walk to”. Who knew that six years later at the age of 21 Melvin would buy the store and take ownership. In those days they were selling exotic animals including toucans, myna birds, monkeys, and ocelots. Soon after taking ownership, Melvin decided to take a different approach to the store and soon phased out these large exotic animals to focus on the smaller, more managble ones.

Today Fin and Feather is the only full-line independent pet store still in operation around the greater Richmond, VA area. They cater not only to individuals but other institutions and local agencies in the area. They also work with school programs such as the Math and Science center. This program teaches children about reptiles and fish, and Fin and Feather is their field trip destination! At the end of the trip each child gets to choose a pet to take home, depending on the child’s interest they can choose an anole, newt, or Betta fish in hopes to continue the child’s interest in the hobby. They have an extensive selection for all your reptile and aquarium needs. They currently have about 60 terrariums dedicated to live reptiles of all kinds, along with another set of aquariums full of fish to choose from.

Current co-owner Darrell Perkins has been working at the store for 15 years now, and is in the process of taking full-ownership of the store continuing the tradition of serving Richmond, VA with impeccable customer service and excellent product selection for many more years to come.

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