International Turtle & Tortoise Week Materials Download

Download Lesson Plans / Activities / Answer Keys

If you teach a class, scout group, aquarium club, after school program, 4H club, or other organization, then these materials are for you! Below you can access electronic Turtle and Tortoise Lesson Plan, engaging puzzles, animal care guides, games, craft activities, and more, all to help you show your students how wonderful turtles and tortoises can be.

For further reading please check out some of our other online care books.

Coloring Sheets

Sulcata Coloring Sheet

Simple black and white line art coloring sheet that is perfect for younger kids. 

*extra credit for older kids: complete the picture by drawing in the turtle / tortoise’s habitat!


Terrapin Coloring Sheet

More advanced black and white line art coloring sheet.  Pefect for older kids and even adults!

*extra credit for older kids: complete the picture by drawing in the turtle / tortoise’s habitat!

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzle - Younger Kids

This is a simple Crossword and is perfect for younger kids. The answer key is also included!


Crossword Puzzle - Older Kids

This Crossword is more advanced and is perfect for older kids. The clues are on the second page which you can print using the link below.  The answer key is also included!


Maze & Word Search


Kids can help the Diamondback Terrapin Turtle find her way to the yummy ReptiSticks.  Make it more challenging and try it with pen to see if you can find it on your first try!

Word Search

A Fun word search using turtle and tortoise terms. Extra credit look up the definitions of the words to fully understand their meanings.


Nickel’s Story

Human Heroes Story - Nickel's Reef

A fantastic story about Nickel, a green sea turtle.  Learn more about Nickel’s story by printing it out. Make sure to pay attention so that you can use your new found information to complete the accompaning worksheet.

Human Heroes Activity - Nickel's Reef

Companion worksheet to Nickel’s story. 


Logic Puzzle for Virtual Field Trip

Logic Puzzle

Although you might not be able to take a field trip, this information can be found online with some simple searches.  See if you can complete the logic puzzle!  Answer key is listed below to see how you did.


Sea Turtle Cutout

Sea Turtle Cutout

This project works even better with heavier paper, but don’t let that stand in your way.  Cut out the pieces and make your own Sea Turtle come to life. You can use round head fasteners if you want it to move after, or you can use glue or tape.