“Turtle Heroes”

Welcome to International Turtle and Tortoise Week 2018. This year we are excited and humbled to celebrate the Turtle and Tortoise Heroes of the world. For years we have studied and shared the chelonians of the world, discussed their plight, and provided information and resources on what actions  YOU can do to help them out. This year, we want to take some time to recognize and thank those Heroes who have dedicated themselves, their time, and their resources to activities that prevent the loss of the turtle and tortoise species that we love.

Heroes come in many forms. Organizations can come together with a mission to protect, study, and educate the public about turtle and tortoise species. Facilities and institutions create captive assurance colonies of threatened species. Individuals dedicate their weekends and vacation time to gathering data and breeding some of the world’s most threatened species in their backyards! Children share the love of a pet turtle in their classroom and plead with parents to check the lawn before mowing to ensure that there are not turtles just trying to find suitable nesting sites. Zoo Med and the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group want to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all of the Turtle Heroes.

“Heroes from the Turtle Conservancy”

In 2011 after recovering from HER2 breast cancer, Kathy Lacey founded the Terrapin Nesting Project on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. This project has since relocated, incubated, and released 10,000 hatchling Diamond Back Terrapins. Read more of her story here.

Rosalinda Palomo-Ramos

Rosalinda has had a passion for nature her whole life. She turned this passion into a career by dedicating herself to saving the Bolson Tortoise. She’s currently working on doctoral research for finding reintroduction sites for this charismatic species. Read more of her story here.

Grace Crimi

Grace Crimi joined the Terrapin Nesting Project team in 2011 when she was just 6 years old. She has since acquired the nickname “Turtle Girl” for the passion and hard work she contributes to this effort. Read more of her story here.

Sarah Otterstrom

Sarah Otterstrom has dedicated over 20 years of her life to work as a conservation scientist in Central America. She’s currently working with the Central American Painted Wood Turtle (Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni) in Nicaragua to understand more about the population and demographics of this species. Read more of her story here.

Learn More about Turtle Conservancy

Calling all Turtle Lovers!


Tell us an inspiring story of what you’re doing for turtles and tortoises, or simply what inspires you about them! This contest is about getting creative, so even if your story is about admiring your pet for eating its food like a champion, tell us in a creative way and we want to hear it!

Entries can be submitted as a written story, pictures, or videos, and must be received no later than 11:59 PM on April 22.

The winner will get their choice of a Zoo Med Turtle Tub or Tortoise House. To enter, go to http://woobox.com/nrxy8i

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