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Here at Zoo Med, animals are our passion, and for 41 years we have made it our mission to supply the very best in exotic pet foods, reptile products, and reptile habitats. As a company made up of reptile hobbyists, we strive to provide the supplies and knowledge needed to successfully care for reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and other exotic pets to keep them happy and healthy.

The reptile supplies, accessories, and tools we manufacture are first tested at our office on the private collection of animals we house here. Many of us have desk pets, and many of those desks are wedged into places inbetween the 200+ terrariums, aquariums, paludariums, and other habitats at our facility. Inside our Animal Room we house over 90 species ranging from chameleons, geckos, skinks, frogs, fish, newts, tarantulas, and beetles. Outside in our Turtle Nirvana Greenhouse, we care for 30 species of turtles and tortoises, several of which are endangered.

Breeding and caring for these animals daily sets us apart by giving us a clear understanding of fellow hobbyists’ needs and those of their animals. We love our pets and truly are a company of pet people for pet people!

Whether you are an experienced reptile snake breeder or gecko breeder working with hundreds of animals, or you’re looking into picking up your first pet bearded dragon, Zoo Med is sure to have what you need.

Make zoomed.com your top resource for Care Sheets, UVB and Heat Lighting Guides, Reptile Substrate/Impaction Guides, Reptile Show Dates and more! Check our Social Media as well for the latest product releases, educational videos, and cute pictures of our baby animals!

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@rodriguezchelonians rotates the hatchling formula of our Natural Aquatic Turtle Food into the diet for their baby wood turtles.

This diet is 43% protein and contains fish that would naturally be part of this species' diet.

@rodriguezchelonians rotates this with a variety of plants, greens, fruits, insects, worms, and fish for their #WoodTurtles

#naturalaquaticturtlefood #aquaticturtlefood #zoomedturtlefood #zoomedaquaticturtlefood

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Double Door #bioactive #Paludarium built by @geckoworldaustin

#zoomedterrarium #zoomedpaludarium #bioactivevivarium #bioactiveterrarium

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Most of us promise to exercise more in the new year, but it's important for reptiles to exercise their minds with enrichment!

In this episode we go over different types of enrichment and how to apply them to your habitat.

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We've picked the winners from our Christmas Advent Calendar Contest! We've emailed all winners, so if you see your name, make sure to check your spam folder!

Thank you everyone for participating!

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Tour of the Arizona Tortoise Compound back when we visited for the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group conference in November!

The Arizona Tortoise Compound is a large facility that works with a number of species, including several endangered species in order to create assurance colonies and prevent animals from being taken from the wild.

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Baby Leopard Tortoises at @exoreptiles.malaysia eating our Grassland Tortoise Food!

#GrasslandTortoiseFood #leopardtortoise #TortoiseTuesday #babytortoise

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Merry Christmas!

Enjoy time with friends and family today, and don't forget that our GRAND PRIZE of our advent calendar is open until midnight on New Year's Eve!

If you like this post and tag 2 friends in the comments, it counts as an extra 10 entries!

#merrychristmas #adventcalendar

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Merry Christmas from Zoo Med!

We built our Christmas tree entirely out of Naturalistic Flora this year. Let us know in the comments if you normally do a real or artificial tree for Christmas!

#christmastree #naturalisticflora #merrychristmas #christmas #reptilechristmas

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#Bioactive habitat built by @geckoworldaustin!

One cook way you can add depth to a terrarium is to use cork flats like this as retaining walls for more substrate/plants.

#zoomedterrarium #naturalisticterrarium #bioactiveterrarium #bioactivevivarium

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What would you put in this #bioactive terrarium built by @reptilsimbiosis?

#zoomedterrarium #naturalisticterrarium #bioactiveterrarium #bioactivevivarium

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We're halfway through our Christmas Advent Calendar Giveaway! If you feel like you're starting to lose control as the holidays get closer, we're here to help add some back!

The Environmental Control Center helps automate the electronics you use for your reptiles with ease.

It has six outlets: two thermostats (one dimming, and one on/off thermostat), one hygrostat, and three timers!

Today, tag two friends in the comments and it will earn you an extra 10 entries to win!

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