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  • – The internet’s #1 pet site, is the Herper’s portal to all things Reptilian on the web.
  • Reptile Species – at


  • Applegate Reptiles – Long time breeder of rare and exotic colubrids. One of the most successful breeders of Beaded lizards and Gila monsters too.
  • Kammerflage Kreations – Chameleons Only.
  • Canopy Chameleons – Breeder of Panther Chameleons
  • East Bay Vivarium – A large selection of captive produced reptiles.
  • Gecko Ranch – Julie Bergman’s web site, offering a nice variety of hand fed geckos. Many designer Leos & Phelsuma geckos.
  • Geckos by Tim Tytle – Breeder of high quality rare geckos, a must see.
  • – Herps, Feeders, and all the Reptile Supplies you Need
  • Pro Exotics – Tons of top quality reptiles from the mundane to the rare and exotic.
  • RC Reptiles – Investment quality Ball Python Breeder.
  • WATERLANDTUBS – Pete Jansema has been breeding aquatic turtles since 1978

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Fun Videos

  • Here is a video of an Iguana eating Zoo Med’s All Natural Food
  • Using Video Surveillance to Advance the Survival of Wolf Populations – How cameras can help with pack dynamics


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