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General Education

Animal Size and Life Expectancy

Common NameScientific NameAverage LifespanAverage (Adult)Size
Russian TortoiseTestudo horsfieldii30-50+ yearsMale: 6-8″   Female:8-10″
Sulcata TortoiseGeochelone sulcata50-80+ years70 – 110 pounds (36″ +)
Red Foot TortoiseGeochelone carbonaria30-50+ years12-16 inches
Marginated TortoiseTestudo marginata20 – 50 + years12-15 inches
Greek TortoiseTestudo graeca20-80 + years5-11 inches (Males smaller)
Hermann’s TortoiseTestudo hermanni30-50 + years6-11 inches
Common NameScientific NameAverage LifespanAverage (Adult)Size
Red Ear SliderTrachemys scripta elegans20-25+ years6-12 inches
Painted TurtleChrysemys picta15-25+ years5-10 inches
Soft Shell TurtleApalone spinifera20-25+ yearsMale: 5-10″   Female: 7-20″
North American Box turtleTerrapene carolina30-40+ years4-7 inches
Spotted TurtleClemmys guttata50-100 + years3-5 inches
Reeve’s TurtleChinemys reevesii10-20 + years6-8 inches
Golden Thread Pond TurtleOcadia sinensis40-60 + years8- 12 inches (Males smaller)
Razorback Musk TurtleSternotherus carinatus30-50 + years4-6 inches
Common Musk TurtleSternotherus odoratus30-50 + years4-4.5 inches
Common NameScientific NameAverage LifespanAverage (Adult)Size
Bearded DragonPogona vitticeps7-10 years18-24 inches
Green IguanaIguana iguana12-15 years3-6 feet
Leopard GeckoEublepharis macularis10-15 years7-10 inches
Water DragonPhysignathus cocincinus10-15 years2-3 feet
Green AnoleAnolis carolinensis3-5 years5-8 inches
House GeckoHemidactylus frenatus5-8 years3-5 inches
Long Tail Grass LizardTakydromas sexlineatus3-5 years6-10 inches
Giant Day GeckoPhelsuma madagascarienses5-10 years9-11 inches
Crested GeckoRhacodactylus ciliatus5-10 years7-9 inches
Fire SkinkRiopa fernandi10-12 years10-12 inches
Blue Tongue SkinkTiliqua scincoides10-20 years20 inches
UromastyxUromastyx sp.10-15+ years10-16 inches
Black and White TeguTupinambis merianae12-15 years3-4.5 feet
Savannah MonitorVaranus exanthematicus8-12 years3-5 feet
Veiled ChameleonChamaeleo calyptratus5-8 yearsMale: 17-24″    Female: 10-14″
Panther CameleonFurcifer pardalis5-8 years21″
Common NameScientific NameAverage LifespanAverage (Adult)Size
Burmese PythonPython molurus bivittatus20-25 years16-23 ft   up to 200lbs
Kenyan Sand BoaEryx colubrinus loveridgei10-15 yearsMale: 15″    Female: 32″
Corn SnakeElaphe gutatta10-12+ years3-5 feet
Ball PythonPython regius20-25+ years3-5 feet
King SnakeLampropeltis getulus10-15 years3-4 feet
Red Tail BoaBoa constrictor15-25 years7-10 feet
Reticulated PythonPython reticulatus15-20 years10-20 feet
Rosy BoaLinchanura trivirgata20 + years2-3 feet
Common NameScientific NameAverage LifespanAverage (Adult)Size
Fire Belly ToadBombina orientalis5-10 years2-3 inches
Green Tree FrogHyla cinerea2-5 years1.5 – 2.5 inches
Red Eye Tree FrogAgalychnis calidryas3-5 years2-3 inches
Dumpy Tree FrogLitoria caerulea7-10 years4 inches
Dart (Arrow) FrogDendrobates sp.3-10 years1/2 – 3inches
Fire Belly NewtCynops pyrrhogaster5-10 years3-5 inches
Common NameScientific NameAverage LifespanAverage (Adult)Size
Hermit CrabCoenobita clypeatus1-4 years1-3 inches


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