Betta Mopani Wood

  • Creates “dark water” effect, simulating the bettas’ natural habitat
  • Encourages natural behaviors, such as bubble nesting
  • Can provide additional shelter which may help reduce stress
  • Adds interest and enrichment to betta tanks


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Item Number: BA-10


Zoo Med’s Betta Mopani Wood is a natural wood item that is designed to make the water chemistry of your Betta tank closer to what a Betta would experience in the wild. By placing this small piece of Mopani wood in your Betta tank it will naturally leach “tannins” which will give the water a light to dark brown tint plus lower the pH of your water. (Bettas in the wild live in water naturally tinted by decaying wood and leaves and with a lower pH.) Should the water be too dark brown or not to your liking you can remove the Mopani wood and soak in a clean container of water continually changing the water until the shade goes from a dark brown to light brown or clear.

If using a filter with your Betta fish you can add carbon to the filter which will also remove the brown tint. Please contact customer service should you have any further questions.


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