BirdTemp™ Digital Infrared Thermometer

The BirdTemp™ Digital Infrared Thermometer is a small pocket sized Infrared Thermometer that instantly measures terrarium temperatures with the click of a button. Perfect for all bird keepers! This great tool will allow keepers to monitor temperatures of their pet’s habitat. BirdTemp® Digital Thermometer can be set to read temperatures in both Fahrenheit (-28° to 230°F) or Celsius (-33° to 110°C). There is a Min/Max function that allows you to monitor the fluctuations in your terrarium over time. Battery included.

  • Can measure body, cage/aviary, perches, and egg/incubator temperatures.
  • Temperature measurement Range -28° to 230°F (-33° to 110°C)
  • Min/Max Function
  • °C/°F Switch
  • Includes one CR2032 Lithium cell battery


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Item Number: RT-2