Tropical Bioactive Substrate Kit

The term “bioactive” is used to describe a miniature ecosystem created in a terrarium or vivarium.  In a functional bioactive habitat, small invertebrates (aka clean-up crew) break down waste from your pet to make nutrients available for live plants to consume. This incredible living network forms a balance that can reduce maintenance of your habitat while enhancing natural appearance. 

The right substrate mix is critical to a successful bioactive habitat.  The contents of this kit were carefully selected. to help your pets, plants, and clean-up crew collectively flourish.



A special blend of humus, peat moss, sand, and carbon create the perfect bioactive base to support plants, soil critters, and beneficial microbes
Item # RSS-4

Terrarium Moss

All natural North American sphagnum moss prevents soil compaction and slowly releases moisture to help create a stable, high-humidity environment.
Item # CF2-S

Leaf Litter

Catappa leaves provide shelter and nutrients for your clean-up crew.
Item # CT-88

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