Hermit Crab Sand


A calcium carbonate sand substrate for Hermit Crabs. Available in five fun colors!

  • Provides a source of calcium necessary for the health of all Hermit Crabs.
  • Available in Blue, Green, Mauve, White, and Yellow.

Hermit Crab White Sand Now Available in 5 LB Bag!


Product Options

Item Number: HC-2B
Gal Size/Color: Blue 2 lb
Item Number: HC-2G
Gal Size/Color: Green 2 lb
Item Number: HC-2M
Gal Size/Color: Mauve 2 lb
Item Number: HC-2W
Gal Size/Color: White 2 lb
Item Number: HC-2Y
Gal Size/Color: Yellow 2 lb
Item Number: HC-5W
Gal Size/Color: White 5 lb

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