Hermit Crab Shells

Give your Hermit Crabs a home with Zoo Med Hermit Crab Shells. Available in a variety of sizes and styles!

  • ‘Growth’ Shells are the perfect natural shell to accommodate your pets changing size!
  • Give your habitat and Hermit Crab some style with Zoo Med’s variety of Decorative shells, ranging from: Fancy, Neon, Glow in the Dark, Decorative, and Patriotic!


Product Options

Item Number: HC-35 (3 pack)
Type: Growth
Size: Small
Item Number: HC-36 (2 pack)
Type: Growth
Size: Medium
Item Number: HC-37
Type: Growth
Size: Large
Item Number: HC-38
Type: Growth
Size: X-Large
Item Number: HC-40
Type: Fancy
Item Number: HC-41
Type: Neon
Item Number: HC-42 (2 pack)
Type: Neon
Item Number: HC-43 (2 pack)
Type: Glow-in-the-Dark
Item Number: HC-48
Type: Decorative
Item Number: HC-49
Type: Decorative
Item Number: HC-100
Type: Patriotic


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