Store of the Month – October 2019

The Sand Bar Pet Shop

25571 Marguerite Pkwy #1-J
Mission Viejo, CA 92692


Store Hours:
Monday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Tuesday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Wednesday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Friday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 6:00pm


Nestled in the corner of a shopping center, behind the juice shop and pass the fitness studio, you’ll see the simple marquee of “Pet Shop”. It’s here you’ll find The Sand Bar Pet Shop, a hidden gem of Mission Viejo, California.

Take a journey into the store, and you’ll see reptiles, amphibians, insects, freshwater fish, tropical fish, feeders, aquatic plants and invertebrates for salt and freshwater, and several homo sapiens at your service. A tabby cat roams the aisles to assist customers with all their urgent questions.

Owners Eric and Darby Perry have been in charge of this zoo since 2012, but the shop originally opened in 1974. Since taking over, Eric and Darby have maintained a collection of animals bred in house such as Jeweled Lacertas, Nelson’s Milksnakes, Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, and Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes. An Asian Water Monitor named ‘Chupita’, a dwarf Reticulated Python, and a Mexican Spinytail Iguana also live at the shop as store mascots.

The passion for this menagerie began as a child when Eric bought a Green Anole. From there, his love spread to water dragons, a water monitor (his personal favorite animal), and eventually an entire store full of pets. This passion has inspired future dreams to expand their aquatics section as well. Although already quite impressive, plans are in the works to make their Goldfish, Koi, and Betta sections larger. Outside of work, Eric and Darby have several dogs and cats, four Leopard Tortoises, and two horses.

Go into this store today and you’ll be helped from start to finish with any animal need you may have. The Sand Bar Pet Shop staff will give you expert knowledge, excellent products, and exotic pets for your needs. If you live in the Mission Viejo area, make sure to check out this shop!